When iPad apps “crash” and suddenly return you to the homepage…

Why it happens:

Every time you tap on an app, you are using memory in your iPad. Some older iPads do not have a lot of memory to begin with, so when an app runs out of memory, it “crashes”. If you experience this, you’ll have to do some things to manage your memory regularly, since Apple gives the user precious few tools to diagnose and manage how the device performs.

Here’s how:

1. Begin by closing apps that you’re not using. This will minimize the use of RAM and perhaps even stop the issues of crashing apps returning you suddenly to the homepage.

Double click the home button; then press and hold any one of the icons in the task bar that appears at the bottom of the screen. There may be quite a few apps running, each taking up memory. When they start to “jiggle” press the red X on each one in turn to close them. Closing them should not cause any data loss.

2. Safari can use huge amounts of ram depending on the sites visited and also keeps bits of data from all these sites. Go to Settings and tap on Safari. Find and delete both cookies and your browsing history.

Next, tap the advanced tab at the bottom and then website data. This will show you all the sites you’ve visited. Remove all the sites.

3. Turn off Location Services if you don’t need it. This service uses ram and it is a good idea to keep these services to a minimum. Go to settings and find Location Services and turn it off.

4. The final item to do is to shut down your iPad completely. Sometimes apps are ill-behaved and don’t release the memory they have allocated. The only way to get them to release memory is to close them (step 1 above) and then restart your iPad.

Just press and hold the power button until you see the power off message. After it has powered down, press the power button again to restart it. It’s a good idea to close everything and restart every couple of days just to keep memory use controlled.

After completing the above steps, things should be better.


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