Computer Services

McAlister Communications offers a wide variety of services to help ensure the ongoing effective operation of your computer system.  These services include:

Specification of IT Configuration – We can help you install a complete computer system that will accomplish your firm’s needs.

Internet Connectivity and Right-sizing – We can enable internet connectivity for your office and make sure it is suited to your firms demands.

Security – This is perhaps one of the most important areas in technology today. We can help keep your firm safe and secure from outside dangers inherent to connection to the internet.

Equipment Upgrades – We can help your firm get every ounce of productivity out of the machines you own while being aware of the cost trade-offs of new versus owned hardware.

Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance – We offer our clients regular onsite visits to ensure proper operation of equipment and help prevent costly downtime.

Backup and Disaster Planning – Our array of backup services can help ensure that your firm has your critical data safe from any of number of hazards that could dramatically affect the very existence of your business.  We are called on to perform IT audits to provide a snapshot of company’s systems and how effective their controls are as well as their planning for the unthinkable.

Remote Management – Many routine tasks can be accomplished by remote access to increase the speed of resolution of problems and lower the cost to your firm.